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North Wales Autism Tutor

At Tutoring-Works, we specialize in autism tutoring for students from the North Wales PA area. In Pennsylvania, non-traditional learners, such as children with autism, may struggle as they progress through school. Our autism tutor helps to amplify the strengths of non-traditional learners in order to alleviate their weaknesses. Throughout our experience offering tutoring for children with autism, the professionals at Tutoring-Works have built the confidence of dozens of students and helped to inspire a love for learning.

The goals of the autism tutors at Tutoring-Works is to help students from the North Wales PA area identify the areas in which they best learn. Our autism tutoring program offers a safe environment for children with autism to discover their academic needs. In addition to making learning fun and effortless for non-traditional learners, the autism tutoring services at Tutoring-Works also incorporate executive functioning skills to encourage children to develop self-awareness and self-advocacy skills.

North Wales Tutor for Autistic Children

The autism tutoring program at Tutoring-Works is individually catered to students in Pennsylvania. We understand that children on the spectrum often have social skill deficits that impact their ability to learn. At Tutoring-Works, our autism tutors focus on exploring each student's individual learning process. By observing attention and concentration deficits, our educator provides strategies for students with autism to apply in every environment they encounter throughout their day.

In addition to tutoring programs for autistic children, our autism tutor also offers consulting services for parents, students and schools. These consultations offer a number of recommendations to positively impact learning environments and curriculums for children with autism. Tutoring-Works also offers transitional services for students with autism who are moving from school to post-school life. Our autism tutor will work with the student by providing a better understanding and clarifications for post-school dreams, visions and outcomes.

North Wales Tutoring Programs for Autism

The first step in the tutoring process for an autistic child involves a Meet and Greet at our office near North Wales PA. The priority of this meeting is to ensure that our autism tutor, the parents and the student are comfortable with each other. A connection must be made between all parties; this way, open communication is promoted between the three parties throughout the duration of the autism tutoring program. As the process moves forward, our autism tutor will request current student evaluations from the student's Pennsylvania school. The parents and tutor will also decide how many hours per week the student and tutor should meet.

Throughout Tutoring-Works' autism tutoring program, parents will be regularly updated in order to best understand their child's progress. For students from North Wales PA, our autism tutor can even involve your child's primary educator within the tutoring process. If this is desired, the individuals most concerned with your child's educational progress can share open communication. Our autism tutors will always keep parents up-to-date on their child's progress as well as share learning strategies that benefit their child in the classroom.

Our North Wales Tutoring Services Include:

  • Autism Tutoring
  • ADHD Tutoring
  • ADD Tutoring
  • Executive Functioning Tutoring
  • Learning Disability Tutoring
  • Social Skills Groups
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